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Campus Sydney
Subject Area Landscape Architecture

Subject Area Listing
Code Course Title Units of Credit
LAND1141 Design Communication 1 6
LAND1322 Urban Landscape Design Seminar 6
LAND1351 Landscape Management 6
LAND1421 Thesis Foundation 6
LAND1422 Landscape Thesis 6
LAND1482 Professional Practice 6
LAND2101 Landscape Studio 1 - Design Fundamentals 6
LAND2102 Landscape Studio 2 Design Process 6
LAND2121 Introduction to Landscape Architecture 6
LAND2122 History of Landscape Architecture 6
LAND2142 Design Communication 2 6
LAND2151 Landscape Analysis 6
LAND2152 Plants and Design 6
LAND2201 Landscape Studio 3 Landform and Planting 6
LAND2202 Landscape Studio 4 Design Resolution and Document 6
LAND2251 Planting Design at the Landscape Scale 6
LAND2271 Landscape Documentation 6
LAND2272 Landscape Engineering Principles 6
LAND2301 Landscape Studio 5 Site Planning 12
LAND2302 Landscape Studio 6 Design with a Complex Program 12
LAND2401 Landscape Studio 7 Urban Design 12
LAND2402 Landscape Studio 8 - Graduating Studio 12
LAND2421 Contemporary Theory and Research 6
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