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Campus Sydney
Subject Area Planning and Urban Development

Subject Area Listing
Code Course Title Units of Credit
PLAN0081 Work Experience 24
PLAN0082 Work Experience 24
PLAN1001 Introduction to Planning 6
PLAN1002 Sustainability and Environment 6
PLAN1003 Urban Society, History, Theory 6
PLAN1004 City and Regional Economics 6
PLAN1005 Design and Communication Fundamentals for Planners 6
PLAN1006 Planning Techniques & Analysis 6
PLAN1007 Development Processes: Feasibility and Finance 6
PLAN1042 Local Planning 6
PLAN1052 Quantitative Methods 6
PLAN1122 Development Processes 6
PLAN2001 Strategic Planning 6
PLAN2002 Geographical Information Systems and Urban Informatics 6
PLAN2003 Urban Design 6
PLAN2004 Equitable Cities 6
PLAN2005 Planning Law & Administration 6
PLAN2006 Urban Management and Development Assessment 6
PLAN2007 City Building: Transport and Infrastructure 6
PLAN2032 Urban Design 6
PLAN2041 Integrated Planning 1 - Communication in Planning 6
PLAN2111 Economics of Planning and Development 6
PLAN2122 History, Heritage and the Built Environment 6
PLAN2152 Resources, Planning and the Natural Environment 6
PLAN2801 Geographical Information Systems 6
PLAN3015 Social Planning 6
PLAN3031 Integrated Planning 2 - Strategic Planning 6
PLAN3032 Integrated Planning 3 - Master Planning 6
PLAN3041 Planning Law and Administration 6
PLAN3051 Development Assessment 6
PLAN3052 Qualitative Methods 6
PLAN3671 Transport, Land Use and Environment 6
PLAN4031 Research Design 6
PLAN4052 6 Units of Credit Planning Elective 6
PLAN4132 Thesis Project 18
PLAN4142 Professionalism, Ethics and Politics 6
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Campus Sydney
Subject Area Planning and Urban Development

Subject Area Listing
Code Course Title Units of Credit
PLAN7122 Planning Project 12
PLAN7123 Urban Planning and Infrastructure 6
PLAN7140 Land and Environment Law 6
PLAN7141 Land Use Policy & Practice 6
PLAN7142 City Equity & Wellbeing 6
PLAN7143 Urban Design 6
PLAN7145 City Building - Infrastructure Planning 6
PLAN7146 City Economics, Urban Development and Finance 6
PLAN7147 Planning Techniques and Analysis 6
PLAN7148 Strategic Spatial Planning 6
PLAN7156 Housing Policy and Finance 6
PLAN7157 Engaging Communities 6
PLAN7320 Housing Management and Markets 6
PLAN7321 Implementing Urban Regeneration Projects 6
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