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Subject Area Listing
Subject Area   Offered by
ACTL Actuarial Studies School of Risk & Actuarial St
ARCH Architecture Architectural Studies Program
ARTS Arts Faculty of Arts & Soc. Science
ATSI Nura Gili (Indigenous Programs) Nura Gili Indigenous Programs
BABS Biotechnology & Biomolecular Sciences Sch Biotech & Biomolecular Sci
BEES Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences Sch Biol, Earth & Environ Sci
BEIL BE Interdisciplinary Learning Faculty of the Built Env
BENV Built Environment Faculty of the Built Env
BIOM Biomedical Engineering Grad. School of Biomedical Eng
BIOS Biological Science Sch Biol, Earth & Environ Sci
BLDG Building Faculty of the Built Env
CEIC Chem Eng and Industrial Chemistry School of Chemical Engineering
CHEM Chemistry School of Chemistry
COMM Commerce UNSW Business School
COMP Computer Science School of Computer Sci & Eng
CRIM Criminology School of Social Sciences
CVEN Civil and Environmental Engineering School of Civil & Env Eng
DIPP Diploma of Professional Practice Div. Registrar & Deputy Princ
EDST Education School of Education
ELEC Electrical Engineering School of Elec Eng & Telco
FOOD Food Technology School of Chemical Engineering
GENE Engineering General Education Faculty of Engineering
GENL Law General Education Faculty of Law
GENM Medicine General Education Faculty of Medicine
GEOS Geoscience Sch Biol, Earth & Environ Sci
HESC Health and Exercise Science School of Medical Sciences
HUMS Arts Administration Faculty of Arts & Soc. Science
INOV Innovation Faculty of Science
INTA Interior Architecture Interior Architecture Program
LAWS Law Faculty of Law
MATH Mathematics Sch Mathematics & Statistics
MATS Materials Science and Engineering School of Materials Sci & Eng
MGMT Organisation and Management - Commerce & Economics School of Management
MINE Mining Engineering School of Mining Engineering
PHYS Physics School of Physics
PLAN Planning and Urban Development Planning & Urban Development
SCIF Faculty of Science Faculty of Science
SRAP Social Research and Policy School of Social Sciences
TABL Taxation and Business Law School of Taxation and Bus Law
TELE Telecommunications School of Elec Eng & Telco
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