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Campus Sydney
Subject Area Building

Subject Area Listing
Code Course Title Units of Credit
BLDG1011 Low Rise Building Construction 6
BLDG1012 Construction Materials 6
BLDG1013 Introduction to Construction Management & Property 6
BLDG1014 Building Measurement 6
BLDG1021 Industrial & Infrastructure Construction 6
BLDG1022 Building Structures 6
BLDG1023 Construction Project Management Theory 6
BLDG1024 Construction & Property Economics 6
BLDG1121 Construction Materials 6
BLDG1211 Domestic Construction 6
BLDG1260 Construction Management Principles 6
BLDG1281 Construction Law 6
BLDG2011 Building Services 6
BLDG2012 Construction and Property Law 6
BLDG2013 Construction Estimating 6
BLDG2021 High Rise Building Construction 6
BLDG2022 Procurement & Contract Administration 6
BLDG2023 Construction Planning 6
BLDG2101 Industrial Building Construction 6
BLDG2212 Building Services 6
BLDG2280 Occupational Health and Safety in the Built Environment 6
BLDG2282 Human Resource Management in the Built Environment 6
BLDG2332 Building Measurement and Documentation 6
BLDG2482 Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Applications in Construction 6
BLDG3011 Organisational and People Management in Construction 6
BLDG3012 Risk, Health and Safety Management 6
BLDG3013 Digital Construction 6
BLDG3021 Property Development 6
BLDG3022 Construction Project Management Practice Capstone 6
BLDG3023 Construction Business Strategy & Entrepreneurship 6
BLDG3284 Scheduling Techniques in Construction 6
BLDG3332 Estimating and Bidding for Construction Projects 6
BLDG4018 Building Appraisal & Land Economics 6
BLDG4019 Property & Asset Management 6
BLDG4020 Total Building Performance and Management 6
BLDG4022 Construction Cost Management 6
BLDG4023 Construction Value Management 6
BLDG4024 Business Intelligence & Data Analytics 6
BLDG4305 Value Management and Development Feasibility 6
BLDG4501 Thesis Foundation 12
BLDG4502 Thesis 12
BLDG9812 Understanding Construction and Property Industries 24
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Campus Sydney
Subject Area Building

Subject Area Listing
Code Course Title Units of Credit
BLDG9001 Building Research Thesis Full-Time 24
BLDG9002 Building Research Thesis Part-Time 12
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