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Campus Paddington
Subject Media Arts
Career Undergraduate
Teaching Period Teaching Period Two

Courses Offered
Code Course Title Units of Credit
SOMA1002 Media Arts Gateway 2 6
SOMA1111 Media Arts Research Foundations 6
SOMA1641 Video Art 6
SOMA2402 Tangible Computing in Cross-Media Arts 6
SOMA2403 Space and Embodiment in Cross-Media Arts 6
SOMA2405 Photographic Worlds: Interventions and Fictions 6
SOMA2407 Photography and Shaping Light 6
SOMA2409 Animated Worlds 6
SOMA2411 CGI Lens Lab 6
SOMA2414 Foundations of Digital Imaging 6
SOMA2415 Narrative Structures in Moving Image 6
SOMA2417 Sound Installation and Soundscape 6
SOMA2480 Understanding Media Art 6
SOMA2521 Introduction to Studio Lighting 6
SOMA2602 Sound Media 1 6
SOMA2606 Advanced Multimedia Authoring 6
SOMA2610 Writing for the Digital Media 6
SOMA2651 Advanced Analogue and Digital Animation 6
SOMA2815 Introduction to Digital Imaging 6
SOMA2862 Ecomedia Art Practices 6
SOMA2863 Media Art in Asia 6
SOMA3341 Photomedia 4A - Analogue Studies 6
SOMA3344 Time Based Art 4A 6
SOMA3351 Photomedia 5A - Analogue Studies 6
SOMA3354 Time Based Art 5A 6
SOMA3361 Photomedia 4B - Digital Studies 6
SOMA3364 Time Based Art 4B 6
SOMA3371 Photomedia 5B - Digital Studies 6
SOMA3374 Time Based Art 5B 6
SOMA3608 Digital Composite 3 6
SOMA3609 3D Short Animation Production 6
SOMA3610 Digital Studio 6
SOMA3612 Professional Portfolio 6
SOMA3615 Sound Media 2 6
SOMA3801 Special Project 6
SOMA4046 BDM Honours Studio Practice 2 18
SOMA4048 BDM Honours Paper 2 6
SOMA4751 3D CGI Character Development 6
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