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Campus Paddington
Subject Design Studies
Career Undergraduate
Teaching Period Teaching Period Two

Courses Offered
Code Course Title Units of Credit
SDES0215 Creative Thinking Case Studies 6
SDES1002 Design Gateway 2: Design Communication 6
SDES1211 Integrated Design Computing 2: Introduction to 3D 6
SDES2141 Moulding and Casting in Clay 6
SDES2167 Textiles for Fashion 6
SDES2168 Commercial Textile Design 6
SDES2171 Design Management Elective - Brand and Identity 6
SDES2173 Envisioning Identity: Design and National Experience 6
SDES2178 Independent Study 6
SDES2401 Textiles, Pattern and Form 6
SDES2403 Textiles, Time and Memory 6
SDES2405 Ceramics: Space, Structure and Surface 6
SDES2407 Graphics Media: Experimental Typography 6
SDES2409 Jewellery Production: Synergies between Hand and Machine 6
SDES2411 Object Typologies: Reuse, Recycle 6
SDES2413 Spatial Design: Experimental Public Spaces 6
SDES2414 Sustainable Design: Theories and Practice 6
SDES2415 Experimental Design 6
SDES2416 Dreams of Home: Four Centuries of Australian Domestic Design 6
SDES3108 Applied/Object Studio 4 - Design and Production 6
SDES3109 Environments Studio 4 - Philosophies and Processes 6
SDES3110 Graphics Media Studio 4 - Design and Reflection 6
SDES3111 Ceramics Studio 4 - Research, Application and Practice 6
SDES3112 Jewellery Studio 4 - Design and Production 6
SDES3113 Textiles Studio 4 - Textile Applications 6
SDES3165 The Replicated Object - Jewellery Multiples 6
SDES3166 Jewellery Design for Fashion 6
SDES3174 Digital Design - Introduction to Web Design 6
SDES3177 3D CAD Object and Space 6
SDES3345 Ceramics 4A 6
SDES3346 Jewellery 4A 6
SDES3347 Textiles 4A 6
SDES3348 Ceramics 4B 6
SDES3349 Jewellery 4B 6
SDES3355 Ceramics 5A 6
SDES3356 Jewellery 5A 6
SDES3357 Textiles 5A 6
SDES3358 Ceramics 5B 6
SDES3359 Jewellery 5B 6
SDES3365 Textiles 4B 6
SDES3375 Textiles 5B 6
SDES3801 Special Project 6
SDES4101 Design Studio Project 12
SDES4102 Professional Experience Program 12
SDES4104 Honours Project 6
SDES4205 Information Graphics: Design and Visualising Data 6
SDES4754 Porosity Studio: A Multidisciplinary Studio 6
SDES5491 Professional Experience Program 6
SDES6700 Introduction to Contemporary Ceramics 6
SDES6702 Contemporary Ceramics: Space and Form 6
SDES6710 Introduction to Programmable Design 6
SDES6713 Responsive Object Projects 6
SDES6720 Introduction to Environment-Spatial Design 6
SDES6722 Environment-Spatial Design: Cultural Contexts 6
SDES6730 Introduction to Furniture and Lighting Design 6
SDES6731 Domestic Furniture and Lighting 6
SDES6740 Introduction to Graphics Media 6
SDES6741 Graphics Media: Contemporary Typography 6
SDES6742 Graphic Design for the Web 6
SDES6750 Introduction to Jewellery 6
SDES6752 Jewellery: Contemporary Objects 6
SDES6760 Introduction to Contemporary Textiles 6
SDES6762 Textiles: Contemporary Interiors 6
SDES6771 Design Management: Identity 6
SDES6779 Permaculture Design Principles, Philosophy and Practice 6
SDES6790 Nexus, Collaboration, Creation 6
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