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Campus Paddington
Subject Art
Career Undergraduate
Teaching Period Teaching Period Two

Courses Offered
Code Course Title Units of Credit
SART1002 Fine Arts Gateway 2 6
SART1361 Etching 6
SART1501 Painting 6
SART1502 Drawing 6
SART1581 Screen Printing 6
SART1606 Drawing for Media 6
SART2361 Advanced Etching 6
SART2402 Painting and the Body 6
SART2403 Painting: Space, Time and Place 6
SART2405 Printmaking: Matrix Tradition and Innovation 6
SART2407 Serigraphic Printmaking: Technology and Experimentation 6
SART2409 SPI: Visual Poetics 6
SART2411 SPI: Space Content Action 6
SART2413 Drawing and the individual 6
SART2501 Life Painting 6
SART2502 Advanced Drawing 6
SART2581 Advanced Screen Printing 6
SART2818 Custom Printing 6
SART2819 Advanced Custom Printing 6
SART2829 Anatomy for Artists 6
SART2831 Spatial Constructions in Drawing 6
SART2832 Life Drawing 6
SART2841 Electronic Technologies 6
SART2842 Metal Casting 6
SART2859 Abstraction for Drawing and Painting 6
SART3340 Drawing/Painting 4A 6
SART3342 Printmaking 4A 6
SART3343 Sculpture/Performance/Installation 4A 6
SART3350 Drawing/Painting 5A 6
SART3352 Printmaking 5A 6
SART3353 Sculpture/Performance/Installation 5A 6
SART3360 Drawing/Painting 4B 6
SART3362 Printmaking 4B 6
SART3363 Sculpture/Performance/Installation 4B 6
SART3370 Drawing/Painting 5B 6
SART3372 Printmaking 5B 6
SART3373 Sculpture/Performance/Installation 5B 6
SART3500 Advanced Colour 6
SART3800 Professional Practice 6
SART3801 Special Projects - Studio 6
SART4030 BFA Honours Paper 6
SART4044 BFA Honours Studio Practice 2 18
SART6100 Methods and Materials in Painting and Drawing 6
SART6102 Advanced Fabrication for Art and Design 6
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