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Campus Paddington
Subject Art History
Career Undergraduate
Teaching Period Teaching Period Two

Courses Offered
Code Course Title Units of Credit
SAHT1102 Beyond Modernities:Theories, Legacies, Subversions 6
SAHT1212 Theories of Art History and Culture 6
SAHT1221 Contexts for Art 6
SAHT2211 Eurocentred Visions: Race, Sex and Power in Art 6
SAHT2213 Memory and Self 6
SAHT2221 Writing for Publication 6
SAHT2403 Indigenous Design and the Everyday 6
SAHT2626 Right Here Right Now: Aboriginal art since 1984 6
SAHT2633 Peripheral Visions: Perspectives of Colonial and Post-Colonial Art 6
SAHT2641 Modern Aesthetics 6
SAHT2642 Art, Gender, Sexuality and the Body 6
SAHT2643 Pornography, Art and Politics 6
SAHT2655 Manipulated moving images: Legacies and pervasiveness 6
SAHT2679 Critical Images in Cultural Conflict: Local and Global Contexts 6
SAHT2682 Fashion, Modernity and the City 6
SAHT3131 Visual and Museum Cultures of the Asia-Pacific 6
SAHT3211 Art Since 1990 6
SAHT3212 Art and Everyday Life 6
SAHT3215 Spectacular Bodies in Art, Science and Medicine 6
SAHT3301 Design History, Theory and Aesthetics 3 6
SAHT3634 Peripheral Visions 2:Perspectives of Colonial and 6
SAHT3669 Critical Theories of Photography 6
SAHT3690 Special Project 6
SAHT4213 Thesis B 24
SAHT6700 World Biennales: Field Trip 6
SAHT6725 The Last 40 Years of Painting 6
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